Dear Mr. Ioannis Tzorvas,

From the bottom of our heart and in the hope that this letter provides you in a moment of healthy strangeness within your usual bureaucratic workload, we write to you from the Catalan town of Valls to inform you that at this very moment your national territory has temporarily grown by about thirty square meters.

Within the artistic project (Not all yogurts can be called "Greek Yogurt" even if they look like it, or all yogurts can be called "Greek Yogurt" even if they don't seem like it) in which we try to keep Greek yogurt alive (from January 12 2020 until March 15 of this year) and being aware that such a representative national product cannot be born outside of Greece, we have had no choice but to declare the Museum of the Capella de Sant Roc an inherent part of Greece.

* Ser sense ser-hi curated by nyam nyam
* Capella de Sant Roc - Valls - Catalunya